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2008 Participants


Hooah and Oo-Rah: A Burkeian Analysis of Army and USMC Advertising
Michael Applegate, Lynchburg College

Romney’s Fight for New Hampshire
Geoffrey H. Arnold, Dickinson College

The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty: Starting a Revolution While Maintaining the Status Quo
Holly Bettice, DePauw University

“To Vote or not to Vote?”: The Political Participation and Access to Information of Generation Y
Meredith Bocklet, Kristin Genovese, Frank Henderson, Nick Lattimore and Brooke Noell, Fairfield University

Classroom Participation in Higher Education
Sarah Buckley, Lauren Campbell, Vanessa Jackson and Katie Waters, Fairfield University

Keeping Up a Good Face to the World: Suffering, Secrets, and the Lies in The Angelina Project
Matthew Byrd, University of Oklahoma

Mentoring and Communication: Implications for Learning Leadership
Wendy Copeland, Murray State University

Language Brokering in the Hispanic-American Family: A Study of its Effects on Bilingual Children and Familial Power Structure
Elle Kathleen Cordes, DePauw University

“Do you understand me?”: Replacing Non-verbal cues during Instant Messaging
Douglas DeOrchis, Andrew Collins and Katie Boutros, Fairfield University

An Analysis of Arguments to Oppose the Iraq War: Retired Generals Analyze and Refute President Bush’s Strategy
Darrel E. Farmer, Central Michigan University

Nationwide Newspaper Coverage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform: A Community Structure Approach
Patrick Hall, Alexander Liberton and Steven Viani, The College of New Jersey

Nationwide Newspaper Coverage of Adult Obesity: A Community Structure Approach
Kristen Kiernicki, April-Chrystal Holmes, Allison DeMeglio and Cindy Sura, The College of New Jersey

Mission Statements and the Formation of Identity in Nashville Private Schools
Shay Laws, DePauw University

Scarred for Life: The Stories of Female Victims Surviving Domestic Violence
Dana L. Lehman, Wilkes University

The Power of Words: The Language of Empowerment in Glamour and Men’s Health
Stephanie L. Madden, Vanderbilt University

Michael and Me: A Pentadic Analysis of Michael Moore’s Films
John R. McGuire, Ripon College

Sexual Syndicalism: An Anarchist Critique of Prostitution Advocacy Rhetoric
Scott A. Murray, Eastern Illinois University

Control the Speech, Control the Thought, Control the People: Exposing the Power of Language Through Theatre
Meredith Overcash, The College of Wooster

The Effects of Media on 7th Year Manenberg Primary Students
Eileen Park, DePauw University

The Misrepresentation of Women in the Media: A Focus Group Study of America’s Next Top Model
Taylor Penrod, DePauw University

The Performance of Christianity
Lauren Prittie, DePauw University

"Heidi, you either shave your legs or you don’t”: Women’s Identity and Feminist Criticism in the Mainstream Theatre
Nicole Samsel, DePauw University

From Feminism to Gender Activism: An Examination of the Tyrannizing Male image in Cosmopolitan Magazine
Pamela Schumacher, Ripon College

The Stigma of Interpretations of Television’s Changing Identity: Blurring the Boundaries of News and Entertainment Television
Kristin Skowronski, DePauw University

Power and Ideology in the Political Blogosphere: An Analysis of Political Blogs Using Stuart Hall’s Cultural Studies Theory
Moira Vahey, DePauw University

You’ve been Poked! A Study of College Students Use of Facebook
Nicole Zastko, Wilkes University