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Past Conference Papers

2009 participant's papers:


Corporate Social Responsibility and the Fortune 100: Evidence for Environmental Themes
Kaitlyn Buckheit, Alissa Mebus, Jeannette Symmonds, and Samantha Wiener, Fairfield University

Blood Lust: Gender Identity as Established in the Slasher and Pornographic Film Genres
Kyle R. Christensen, Monmouth College

Advertising visuals of Coca-Cola’s local websites: A content analysis comparison of Muslim countries to America
Ashley Clark ,DePauw University

Visual Rhetoric and The Civil Rights Movement
Lindsay Coble ,Texas A&M University

Go Vegetarian and Leave a Visual Carnivore
Martin Craven, Texas A&M University

“Friend Me”: Facebook’s Influence on Platonic and Romantic Relationships
Courtney Cullam, Alex Miley, Amy Power and Sarah Sherrier

Gender Stereotyping of Female Vice-Presidential Candidates in Print Media
Kaitlyn Curran, Kelly Grgich, Elizabeth Grimm and Claudia Testa, Fairfield University

The Origins of Naturalistic Design and the Role of Goodwin’s Architectural Background in Creating “Concept”
Rachael Erichsen, Hillsdale College

Redefining Evil in Medieval Drama
William Fullam, University of New Hampshire, Durham

Zionism and the Beast: How Israeli Leaders use Dehumanization to Justify Action Against Palestinians
Jessica Hall, Denison University

China and the Cultural Kairos of Globalization: Understanding Chinese Cultural Tensions Through Blogs
Robert S. Hinck, University of Michigan 

Problem-solving in Popular ‘Tween’ Television Shows
Jill Irvin, DePauw University

The Philosophical Chekhov: Nineteenth Century Philosophical Influences in The Cherry Orchard
Kate Jones, Hillsdale College

An Analysis of Gender Differences in Breast Cancer Articles in Men’s Health and Shape Between 2002-2008
Maribeth Kupstas, DePauw University

People are Strange: The Material Rhetoric of Iconic Mythology and Performances of Cultural Identity at the Gravesite of Jim Morrison
Robbie MacLaughlin, DePauw University

Character Development Programs in Elementary Schools from an Organizational Communications Approach
Callie Moore, Hanover College

America’s True Religion: An Exploration of Civil Religion through the Tomb of the Unknowns
Rachel Pfennig, DePauw University

George Rogers Clark Memorial: Motivation, Public Rhetoric, and Conceptualization
Katie Rappaport, DePauw University

Sex and the City: Positive or Negative?
Jessica Richter, DePauw University

Bill Maher’s Religulous and Religion in America
Chaz Salembier, Saint Louis University 

Ibsen’s Wild Women: The Rise of the Individual in Ibsen’s Romersholm
Natalie Scarlett, Hillsdale College

Using Attributions to Understand Forgiveness: A Critical Application of Attribution Theory and Participatory Photography
Marie Schurk Missouri State University

Forgiving Self: The Role of Imagined Interaction in Forgiveness
Emily S. Trammell, Missouri State University
Gossip Girl Nation: Does the Internet Act as a Catalyst for Gossip?
Alex Vasko, Erin McGee, Caitlin Gallagher and Stephanie Mandigo, Fairfield University

Human participation in visual perception: The proliferation of the icon of Che Guevara
Liz Westendorf Ohio University

CNN Presents…Nothing New: A Look at the Black in America Documentary Series
Kerry Wilson, Saint Louis University

A Rhetorical Criticism of John McCain’s Acceptance Speech
Emily Zender, Lake Forest College