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Past Conference Papers

2010 Participants


The Mask as Mediator: A Study of the Relationship of 5th Century Creek Identity with Theatrical Mask
Rachel Erichsen, Hillsdale College

Mea Culpa and Mea Don't: Ted Haggard and the Transcendence of Psueo-apology
Mark Heckmann, Denison University

Race and Politics: A Critical Analysis of Barack Obama's "A More Perfect Union"
Sara Jaeger, DePauw University

The Wright Moment and Image Maintenance in Presidential Politics: Performing Identity and Rhetoric of Transcendence
Gary D. James, Wabash College

Nelson Mandela's "I am Prepared to Die," Morally Justifiable Violence as a "Tragic" Form of Rhetorical Reconciliation
Adam Minkoff, University of Colorado Boulder

The Staging of Hrotsvit's Plays
Miriam Poole, Hillsdale College

Memorializing Freedom: A Study of Texas A&M University's Freedom from Terrorism Memorial
Sara Rowe, Texas A&M University

Plain Truth of Mere Rhetoric
Nadine Saint, University of Richmond

Justifying the Church's Condemnation of Medieval Theater
Kaelynn Van Buren, Hillsdale College

The Sinking Labor Movement: The Local Case of Mercury Marine in a Non-Local Context
Megan Appleby, Marquette University

Balancing Liberty and Security: The Brandenburg Test
Laura Ashley Brown, Denison University

"Un/Attainable Perfection" Incongruous Ideals of Beauty in Glamour
Sarah Holland, Stetson University

Perceptions of Internet Advertising among College Students
Alexander Johnson, DePauw University

Morality of the Misunderstood: A Justification of Borg Assimilation and the Ensuing Erasure of Individuality - Self Goverance and the Individual-Self
Charles E. Jones, DePauw University

From Many to One: The Creation of the Rhetorical 'Self' Through a Generic Criticism of the Multiple Perspective Film
Victor Alfonso Nava, Wabash College

A Visual Rhetoric Study
Liliana Pettenkofer, George Washington University

The Tough Enough To Wear Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign: Cowboys Wearing Pink Does Not Change the Way They Think
Jessica A. Solverud, Ripon College

OMG I'm So Sry: Text Messaging in Conflict Resolution
Sarah Ferri, Stacy Grossi, Jennifer Manzi and Samatha Nestor, Fairfield University

The Impact of Candidate Facial and Vocal Credibility: Initial Impressions and Voting Behavior
Brittany A. Jackson, Cedarville University

"Oh the places the individual will go!": Individuality verse Collectivity in Dr. Seuss Books
Kristine Jansen, Ripon College

Valuing Progress & Family: Hillary Clinton's Narrative of "Women's Rights are Human Rights"
Andrea Kowalisyn, University of Illinois Champaign Urbana

An Analysis of the Interpersonal Communication Ritual of Cell Phone Text Messaging Amongest College Students
Caroline Majers, DePauw University

On Ye Shoulders of Giants: Imitation and the Future of Rhetoric
Elizabeth Moore, University of Richmond

Coaches as Lifelong Leaders: What Makes Their Messages Memorable
Jim Peck, Hanover College

Consumer Socialization: The Effects of Peers as an Agent and Adolescent Perception of Peer Influence
Elyse Smith, DePauw University

The Influence of Same-Sex Friends on Pursuing a Romantic Partner
Meggie Yurkevica, Taylor Smith, Anne Greenough, and Elizabeth Kelleher, Fairfield University