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Past Conference Papers

2011 Participants


“Pouring Gasoline on the Fire”: French Theatre in the Early Nineteenth Century and the Effects of Victor Hugo on French Romanticism
Cory Drewry, Hillsdale College

Yeats, The Symbol, and the Stage
Josh Dygert, Hillsdale College

“To ‘Draw Blood:’  Edward Albee’s Three Tall Women and The Goat”
Riley H. Floyd, Wabash College

Why Murder, Why Suicide: A Psychoanalytical Analysis of “My Sister in this House” by Wendy Kesselman and “Maids” by Jean Genet
Sylva E. Havrankova, Purchase College, State University of New York

Trapped:  The Contained Figures of Samuel Beckett’s Theatre
Louis King, University of Michigan

Just One of The “Bro”: A Cultural Study of New Forms of Masculinity
Christopher Kozlowski, Denison University

Heinrich von Kleist’s The Broken Jug: A Comedy for All
Miriam Poole, Hillsdale College

Perceived Depictions of Reality: The Negative Portrayals of the Mentally Ill in Criminal Minds
Emily Riggs, DePauw University

The House Theatre Takes Flight: A Semiotic Analysis of The Sparrow
Emily Terrell, DePauw University

Ghosts of Salesmen
Elizabeth Udhus, University of Nebraska, Omaha

 Precedence and Successor: A look at the innovative art of the Living Newspapers and a hope for the future of American Theatre
Lauren Yobbag, Ashland University