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Past Conference Papers

2012 Participants


Redesigning Women, Again: Even Newer Representations of "tough Women" in Cable Media
Lucy Chen, DePauw University

The "Eastern Western": Cross-cultural Hybridity and Violent Coexistence
Paul Dampier, Grinnell College

"A God for Our Times": Dionysis in 69 and 'New theatre'
Trevor Freudenburg, Hillsdale College

 Living in Don Draper's Dubious Tomorrow: Nostalgia and its Use in Mad Men
Billy Hargis, Millsaps College

Femininity and Grace in Kabuki Theatre
Lauren Hughes, Hillsdale College

Music in the English Mystery Cycles
Mark Keller, Hillsdale College

My Arms Were My Legs: An Authoethnography
Nileema Khan, The College of Wooster

Pleasing the Plebeians: Jiggery on the Elizabethan Stage
Jory Murphy, Trinity University

Anne Peterson, Hillsdale College

What a 'Peace' of Work: A Cultural Commentary on America's Tribal Love-Rock Musical
Courtney Rice, Allegheny College

Terence: Roman Slave and Master of Latin
Catherine Shilka, Hillsdale College

That's My Role, What's Yours?
Amy Shows, Millsaps College

"I love the ladies...but they don't belong in the newsroom": Gender Biases in Male and Female Anchor Teams
Anthony Corso, Christie Fogelstrom, Nicole Laskowski and Chelsea Pabon, Fairfield University

Traditional Media vs. Digital Media: Effects on Short-Term Memory
Caitlin Fitzpatrick, Amy Ingrilli, Ashli Kravari, Kenneth Muti and Anthony Raymond, Fairfield University

8 Ways to Maintain Your Man's Patriarchy: A Narrative and Ideological Analysis of the Editorial Text in Cosmopolitan and Men's Health Magazines
Holly Harlan, Millsaps College

Post 9/11 Advertisements: Determining New American Norms
Caroline Heyde, DePauw University

Representative of  Body Image, Diversity, Self, and Agency in Popular Teen Magazine
Maritza J. Mestre, DePauw University

Sex and the City 2, the Western Gaze, and the Politics of Representation
Tia M. Osborne, Butler University

 The Indian in the Cupboard: A Mirror of the Settler Colonialist Model
Rachel E. Presley, Washington & Jefferson College

Speaking the "L" Word: Self-reflexivity and Lesbian Televisual Representation on Showtime's The L Word
Zoe E. Schein, Grinnell College

"We Ain't Got A Dream No More": the Myth of Reform, American Drug Policy and The Urban Class as Seen through The Wire
Collins Swords, Millsaps College

The Fright to Remain silent: the Portrayal of McCarthyism in the Films
Jacob Westerfield, Boise State University

Rhetoric as Art of Persuasion: A Study in Contemporary Rhetorical Theory
Kaitlin Jessica Bressler, University of Richmond

The Responses of First Ladies to Executive Office Sex Scandals: A Critical Analysis
Breena Brockmann, Ripon College

"Sharing Their Story": The Effects of Cultural Disparity and Personal Immersion on Students' Communication after Studying Abroad
Nicole Castro, Trinity University

Effects of Parental Divorce on Children of Different Ages and Sibling Relationships
Hannah Coy, Hanover College

Promoting Hegemonic Gender Roles One "Nice Move" at a Time: An Analysis of the Portrayal of Gender Roles on
Jesse Crow, Millsaps College

Male Vs. Female Emotional Expression in Text Messaging
Stephanie Gruner, Eastern Illinois University

The Truth Movement: Hip Hop's Response to 9/11
Crystal Lee, DePauw University

Freedom for the Few: in Norman Rockwell's Four Freedoms
Brittany Mangold, University of Richmond

The Rhetoric of Oppositional DADT Editorial Cartoons
Rachael Leigh Specter, University of Richmond

The Problem With Perfection: A Study of Contemporary Rhetorical Theory
Nickolus Trevino, University of Richmond