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Past Conference Papers

2013 Participants

Questioning Heteronormativity & The Nuclear Family in Gregg Araki
Eddie Danecki, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Why You Buy Those Genes: A Content Analysis of Sexual Selection in Clothing Print Ads
Emily Rosa, University of Alaska Anchorage

Rules of Engagement: Explication of Communication Accommodation Theory through the Experience of Student Veterans
Nicholas Callahan, Xavier University

Mourning, Grief and Facebook
Allie Jordan, Millsaps College

Framing of the Double Bind and its Message to Women: A Qualitative Content Analysis of Newspaper Coverage of Female Presidential Candidate in France and the United State
Courtney Vinopal, Denison University

Seeking Critical Thinking in an Undergraduate Seminar: Is the Motivation to Think Deeply and Willingness to Communicate Associated with Critical Thinking?
Jessica Hallet, University of Southern Maine

The Relationship Between Social Media and Entry-Level Public Relations Positions
Jessica Edelman, Virginia Wesleyan College

SES, Communication, and College Friendships
Samantha Goodnow, Kirsten Dimmling, Danielle Manzella, Ellen Padovano, Fairfield University

To Tweet You Is To Know You: Investigating the Celebrity Parasocial Relationships on Twitter
Emily Andresen, Samantha Helm, Carolyn Schauber, Georgia Tifkidis, Fairfield University

A Closer Look at Women's Rape Culture: Cycle of Socialization, Muted Group Theory, and Rhetorical Listening Applied to Recent Political Remarks of Rape by Men
Kaitlyn Frische, DePauw University

Your Programmer is in Another Castle: A Study of Women in the Video Game Industry
Blair Bailey, Salem State University

A Crude Relationship: In-Depth Interviews Concerning the Viewpoints of Alaska's Oil and Media Companies
Bryce Hyslip, University of Alaska Anchorage

Newspaper Online Interactivity: A Comparison of the United States and Germany
Marion Taylor, Murray State University

Jesterdom In The Political Arena: A Modernization of Jesterdom Through The Lens of Social Media
Leela Singh, Ohio State University

YouTube: Reality Fragments, Activism, and the Digitally Disempowered
Justin Dowdall, Temple University

A Look at the Cultural Identity of Gender in How I Met Your Mother
Vicki Harms, DePauw University

American Gaze
Hugo Cordova, Millsaps College

George Wallace and the SchoolHouse Door - Authority to Segregate
Ava Goepfert, Gustavus Adolphus College

Is Grey's Anatomy on the Wave?  A Feminist Textual Analysis of Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang
Lauren Wilks, Trinity University

The Mormon or the Muslin: Did Anyone Even Care?
Bethany Lyons, Millsaps College

On Vogel and Brecht, Towards a Politics of Alienated Bodies
Matthew Jamison, Ohio Wesleyan University

“Concerning Witches Who Copulate with Devils”: Fear of Feminine Sexuality in Macbeth
Shannon Knapp, University of Pittsburgh

Give me Liberty or Give me Death: Abolitionist Plays and the Escape from Slavery
Catherine Shilka, Hillsdale College

Always on the Battlefield: A Warrior Spirit of Kanadehon Chushingura
Karl Evan Brooks, Trinity University

The Lascivious Seduction of the Supra-Class
Charlotte Drover, Drew University

Ukrainian Theater Today: Contemporary Trends in the Former Soviet Republic
Anita Ostrovsky, Wake Forest University

Horromine: Testing the Paradox of Horror in the Context of Modern Performance
Parker Denton, Loyola University New Orleans

Relational Dialectics Theory of Communication as Observed in "Darby O'Gill"
Bridget Ervin, Hillsdale College

“Spiritual Successor”: The Ghost Sonata and German Expressionism's Debt To Swedenborg
Peter Kistler, Hillsdale College

Identity Text Development of the African Subject During the Short Century, 1957-1994
Elisabeth Sutherland, DePauw University