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Computer Science Department

2006-2007 Senior Project Abstracts

  • Kristen Allen - "A Data Driven Website For Jug's Catering, Inc."
  • Travis Clark - "Traffic Flow Simulator for City Streets"
  • Joel Dart - "A Music Notation Tool Within the DyKnow Vision Software"
  • Kyle Davis - "A Website to Sell Corian and Other Products"
  • Nathan Day - "A Checkers Game with Reinforcement Learning"
  • Frank Fearington - "Donating to Charity with a Dynamic Website"
  • Beth Haneline - "A Computer vs. Human Chess Game Using AI"
  • Allison Koehler - "Web Ministry: A Human Computer Interaction Study"
  • Dallas Madlock - "The Development of a Multimedia Data Driven Website"
  • Jeff M. McQuinn - "Image Enhancement of Dental Digital X-Rays"
  • Aimee Menne - "A Web-based Database to Fight the Spread of HIV"
  • Sandy Mtandwa - "An AI Implementation of the Zimbabwean Board Game Tsoro"
  • Thalith Nasir - "A Data Driven Virtual Portfolio for Investors"
  • Shawn Obanion - "An ancient Chinese Board Game Go"
  • Olufisayo Oluwadiya - "CIB: A Desktop Application for the Startup Business"
  • Tyler Orabone - "A Web-based DePauw Student Textbook Exchange"
  • John D Pattison - "A Network Database Approach to Time Card Scheduling"
  • Alan C Reck - "Heroism: Completing a Massively-Online 3D Strategy Game"
  • Ryan Smith - "Automated Execution and Data Collection for Games"
  • Daniel Solis - "WebHD"
  • Chris Sprehe - "Niemeyer Farm Service Data-Driven Website"
  • Michael Troyer - "A Networked Texas Hold'em Poker Game"
  • Dan Williams - "Small Company's Operation and Management System"
  • Jared Wooten - "Network Quizzing Application for Japanese Language"