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Computer Science Department

SHARP: Scheduling Helper And Relevant Peripherals

Adam Davis

SHARP is a calendar and checklist program with a detailed 3-D user interface. The calendar will contain a daily scheduler, in which users can designate different tasks for each day. These tasks can be of different types, such as homework, classes, meetings, etc., and these types of tasks can be created by the user. Each day will also contain a level of fullness, which will be represented by a color scale with different color values for an empty day through a completely full day. SHARP will also have a checklist function, where the user can create multiple to-do lists, and add as many items as they want to each list. The heart of this project will be the user interface, available in 3-D and 2-D alternatives. In the 3-D view, each of the navigations between dates and checklists will be accompanied with animation and movement.