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Computer Science Department

A Part-of-Speech Tagger and Research Tool

Adam Kuntavanish

This project attempts to address the issue of online research in the field of academic writing. Web archives and search engines of scholarly journals, including JSTOR and Google Scholar, are ideal locations for sources to aid the student or faculty member writing on a wide range of subjects. Free writing is a useful first step in shaping a thesis or topic, and here is where ReSearcher comes in. Assuming one has already written some text and needs assistance with a direction to go or to see what topics have the most associated research online, ReSearcher can find relevant articles online. ReSearcher is a C++ add-on to the open-source text editor Notepad2, which is itself built on the Scintilla editing component. Working within the functionality of Notepad2, ReSearcher reads the document in the main editing window and produces a relevant search query of keywords via part of speech tagging. This query is then relayed to a web browser and predetermined scholarly search engine, automatically producing results that may aid the user in furthering his or her work. Modifications can be made for more user options, including the ability to reduce the number of search terms, the option for ReSearcher to run at automatic intervals or at the manual click of a toolbar button, and more available online search engines.