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Computer Science Department

Complex Parsing

Christine Lewellen

For my senior project, I will be developing a parser that uses a simplified English grammar to drive a text-based game. Typically, a user controls a text-based game by inputting text commands in order to traverse a game board and solve numerous word or logic puzzles. Since the manipulation of the program is no longer within the spatial realm of "point and click," the complexity of the puzzles is dependent on the complexity of the controls. That is to say, the more sentences that the program can understand, the more interesting the game will be. To accomplish the appearance of language comprehension, the system will require a parser that uses a sophisticated grammar. Although I will not attempt to implement natural language processing, I will use a context free grammar that can accept command sentences up to eight words in length. These may consist of verbs, direct objects, prepositions, conjunctions, adjectives or indirect objects.