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Computer Science Department

A BaboViolent 2 Mod

Graham Oster

The goal of the project is to create a functional and exciting modification to an already established online game, Babo Violent 2. The project involves an executable program which will interact with a locally hosted Babo Violent 2 server. The modification contains a new gametype called "OddBabo". In "OddBabo", two teams face off with the goal of reaching an established point total. One player in the game is designated the OddBabo. The OddBabo is very important because for every second a player is the OddBabo, his or her team gains one point. The OddBabo also gains more points than others when he or she kills an opposing player. But the OddBabo can be stopped. If a player on the opposing team kills the OddBabo, he or she them self becomes the OddBabo; and the previous OddBabo becomes a regular player again. For those who are not currently the OddBabo, their goal is to protect the OddBabo if they are on the same team, or to seek out the OddBabo and slay him/her if they are on the opposing team. This project implements a new game in the online community of Babo Violent 2. The current gametypes provided now are Capture the Flag and Deathmatch. This gametype will add something new and entertaining for the well-established following which Babo Violent 2 has already gathered.