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Interactive Statistics Learning Tool

Kelsey Warsinske

For my senior project I plan to build an interactive learning tool in Visual Basic that is comprised of tutorials on various aspects of Statistics. Furthermore I will also use a database to store much of the information required for the tutorials. The goal of this project is to teach Statistics to students with little or no knowledge of the subject. The target users will therefore be high school and college students with minimal to no statistics experience. The topics covered in the program will range from simpler concepts such as the difference between the mean, median, and mode to statistical sampling and computing z-scores and t-scores. Students will learn by clicking on various buttons within the user interface, which will allow them to navigate through the program by reading definitions, doing tutorials with sample data sets, learning about statistical sampling, and playing simple statistical games. To make this project as appealing to the target audience as possible, I will conduct a usability study with high school students in a statistics class to see what they would find most beneficial from a project of this type.