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A Programming Language Geared Towards Students

Michael Shephard

The project involves creating a translator for a programming language that is easy for any student to use. The language will be based on what non-computer science students would expect a program to look like. I will create a set of questions for six students to answer and a few programs I want them to write out. I will ask them to write the programs the way they would expect to write a program. After the users write out these programs, I will ask them a series of questions. After gathering this information, I will create a programming language from the information. After creating the programming language, I will teach it to the six students and ask them another set of question. The translator and programming language could be used as an introductory language for picking up more complex programming languages or as a quick method to creating small programs. The syntactical structure will be simple. The error messages generated will be clear and easy to understand. The translator will translate the programming language's code into C++. The student can then compile it with another program.