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Murder on Mother Goose Island

Robert Snyder

This project will involve the design and implementation of a simple text based adventure game. The game is based on a variety of children's nursery rhymes all inner-connected in one world, in which a murder has been committed. The player must move around the world, interact with artificially intelligent characters and solve various puzzles, to eventually complete the game and lay waste to the killer. A large portion of the game will involve parsing text that the player enters at the command line. The computer will check this text against a sequence of terms and phrases it understands. If the text matches an entry it understands it will answer with an appropriate response. Otherwise it will simply return a pre-set "do not recognize command response". The program will also have a map of the world, track where the player is currently located, and track where the player has visited. It will remember various actions taken by the player and base future responses and events on those previous actions. The game will end either if the player dies, which can happen in a variety or ways, or if the player solves all the puzzles and completes his or her objectives.