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Computer Science Department

2008-2009 Senior Project Abstracts 

  • Kevin Celebi - "Crystal Rain: A digital media environment for the musician"
  • Caragh Cooper - "A Game to Improve Standardized Test Scores"
  • Erin Donahue - "StartED: Application Organization by Intended Use"
  • Cody Glover - "Wrestling Statistic Database Application"
  • Andrew Hadley - "A Parallel Approach to Evolutionary Strategy Simulations"
  • LaVaughn Johnson - "Exhaustively testing a Windows Form-based application"
  • Zachary Koch - "User-centric Redeisgn of DePauw's Course Registration"
  • Brittany McCullar - "EStudio"
  • Jyotishman Nag - "AI Based Texas No Limit Hold 'Em Poker Game"
  • Steve Norak - "A Simulation of the Solar System from Antiquity"
  • Charlie Storey - "A Networking-Based Dungeons and Dragons Battle System"
  • Cody Whitesell - "Point-and-Click App. for Animating Objects in OpenGL"