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Computer Science Department

Are We There Yet? Math Application

Allana Johnson

Are We There Yet? Math is a desktop application that was created to assist younger students in primary grades with basic math practice. In order to dispel the mindset that math is difficult, Are We There Yet? allows its young users to complete challenging problems while enjoying math. The application is a fun, interactive and user friendly program that makes practicing math more interesting and less redundant. This application, created in a Visual Basic .NET, requires the users to quickly but accurately equate basic math problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Users are presented with problem sets that contain two numbers, a “target” number and a “master” number, and four math operations. The target number remains the same until the set is complete. The completion of the set is dependent upon performing the correct math operations to change the master number; once the master and the target match, the set is complete and the user is able to continue to the next problem. The operations used to modify the master number include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; however, because the application is aimed at younger users, the math problems will range in difficulty but not be very complex.