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Computer Science Department

Handwriting Recognition Application for Mathematical Expressions

Botong Sui

For this project, I am designing a windows form application as a handwriting recognition program for recognizing mathematical expression. The application should be able to read the mathematical notation by users via a handwriting input device. The major function of the application is to display the given expression in printing format and eventually to show the latex text of the expression. A current challenge faced by math students and professional is that it is often difficult and time consuming to input the complex mathematical notation into printing format for the purposes of home assignments and publications. The challenge also lies in tediously long procedure to evaluate it. When students try to evaluate a complex mathematical expression, they have to inevitably operate a strict sequence of keyboard strokes or mouse clicks while following the predetermined order. Therefore, software that can allow users to input math in a most computer-human interactive way would be desirable. This application is dedicated to provide the users a expedite way to solve the challenge. It will be designed to handle complex mathematical notation such as notations that include exponential component, integral, parenthesis and etc. The goal of this project is to let the users be rid of the difficulty of transforming handwritten mathematical notation to computer algebra.