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Computer Science Department

Fitbit Walk-A-Thon

Bradley Wethington

The software system is a desktop application that will act as a dashboard for Step/Walk-a-thon competitions or Biggest Loser Competitions that could be held by schools, companies, or simply groups of friends, introducing a competitive component to help incentivize practicing healthier habits in their everyday lives or to raise money for charities. The software system will integrate with the Fitbit API to allow users that use any Fitbit device to automatically have all of their information synced and updated for them, making the system easier for those users. A Fitbit is a small pedometer that can be worn on a belt or pocket and monitors a user’s daily activity. However, if a user does not have a Fitbit device, a user can use another pedometer and manually enter the number of steps taken after creating a Fitbit account (no device is needed for an account). It then informs a user how many extra calories he/she burned through their activity and thus gives him/her more calories in which they could consume. The dashboard allows for groups or individuals to receive real-time feedback about where they stand in the competition along with providing interesting facts and insights about their daily activity to help bring more awareness to what individuals and group activities actually entail.