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Computer Science Department

Collegiate Football Head Coach Simulation

By David Garrett 

This web application allows the user to assume the managerial duties of a collegiate football coach for multiple seasons. Each player is assigned a set of skill ratings that reflect his abilities on the football field. The ratings of players on a team’s 23-man starting lineup are used in an original game-simulation algorithm, and have an impact on the team’s likelihood of winning a matchup. The user will encounter obstacles to success, such as the graduation of players, and must choose an optimal lineup for each week’s matchup. At the end of the season, a championship game will be played between the two teams with the best records in the conference.  In the recruiting mode, the user selects players who will be members of their team for the next four years. The user is allotted a number of recruiting points which can be spent to attract recruits to their school. More recruiting points are available to schools that have a strong football tradition rating and to those schools that performed well the previous season. Finally, the web application may be integrated with existing football game simulators to further enhance the application’s already potent abilities.