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Computer Science Department

A Textbook Sharing Website for DePauw Students

David Scott

Students at DePauw always want to buy the cheapest textbooks they can. The books from the book store on campus are often too expensive. Websites like and are cheaper but there is always an amount of time that the students have to wait for in order for their books to actually be delivered. The benefit to students utilizing these websites to purchase their textbooks is that the textbooks are usually much cheaper than renting or buying them from a retail location like DePauw University‟s book store. This website will combine both of the positive aspects from these book purchasing options by allowing students to buy books from each other on campus. This will be a cheap option for students because the price ranges are lower than that of the book store on campus and sometimes The books will be cheaper because the students don‟t want to make a profit most of the time, they just want some cash in their hands for the textbooks they do not need anymore. Many companies come to college campuses all over the nation and offer cash settlements for textbooks that students will not use anymore. They take these books and resell them all together or individually back to students or businesses that purchase them. This is how they make a profit from their work. My website will eliminate the need for this „middle man‟ at DePauw. In addition, the books will be available to the students purchasing them right away since the sellers live right on campus. I will use Ruby on Rails as the scripting language for the website because it is a scripting language that is being utilized by many web applications and developers today, allowing me to get more experience with it. A database will be used to store the user, session, and book information. There will be a database of users on the website. All of the users will have the same permissions to the website and there will not be an administrative account. I decided against an 3administrative account because it would be more convenient to edit the website features from its source code instead of using a web interface.