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Computer Science Department

Creating a Fantasy Video Game

Jake Meyer

For my senior project, I will be designing, developing, and testing
a fantasy action video game for the computer. This game will entail
a player controlling an avatar using the mouse and keyboard. This
avatar will be shown in a two dimensional playing area along with
enemies that the player must attack and avoid. These enemies will
continually fire projectiles at the player. The projectiles must
be avoided or the player will be injured. The player will also be
able to use spells to attack the enemies and vanquish foes. These
spells will have different strengths and weaknesses that will make
certain spells more viable in certain situations. In addition to
using spells, the player will have a limited number of potions that
they can use to varying effects, such as stopping projectiles,
healing themselves, or slowing down movement of enemies. The player
will be able to use the environment to their advantage as well
because some walls will be able to reflect spells. After clearing
the area of enemies, the player will be able to continue through
to the next level where a more difficult challenge will await. This
process will continue until the player has beaten the game.