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Computer Science Department

A Cash Register Desktop Application

Jordan Niespodziany

For my senior project, I designed a desktop application for my parent’s store, American Kitchen and Bath. Their company sells a wide variety of merchandise ranging from kitchen sinks and faucets to bathtubs and showerheads. For the most part, their business is primarily operated on paper. All invoices and order forms are hand written. Using a desktop application, I created a cash register to keep track of their sales. Additionally, I created a database to keep track of inventory. There is an additional database manager where products can be entered and stored into the database. In order to run the database manager or cash register application I incorporated a graphical user interface (GUI) for ease of use. Any employee is able to add products to the database as well as make a sale using the application. The database allows for any item to be added with specifics such as product name, ID, intended room and price.