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Computer Science Department


Matthew Hellmann

The primary goal of my project is to provide an application to aid school psychologists when doing their work. Rather than carry around many different forms and documents, they can simply carry around their computers instead. Some forms are mandated by state law, and must be exactly the same for every school psychologist in Illinois. These forms are thus copyrighted and unchangeable. Every other form, however, is up to the user to create and use. Many school psychologists are charged with making up their own forms for gathering the information they require to make good decisions regarding the education of the students they work with. As a result, these forms are often unclear, disorganized, and tedious. Often, a school psychologist must not only gather information, but figure out where to put the information on the forms they created themselves! My plan is to provide a clearly organized set of forms which can be filled out using a computer. Form data can be printed immediately, or saved as a .pdf or .xps file for later access. A portion of the forms are to be filled out in an interview format. Another form is intended for use during meetings with parents and faculty members. A third type of form is designed for the school psychologist to fill out while observing a student in a classroom setting. For the observational settings, a distraction menu is provided so that the school psychologist is constantly provided with something to do on the computer, so as not to alert the student of anything out of the ordinary. These distractions provide for better validation of results as students may alter their behavior when they are aware that someone is recording it.