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Computer Science Department

CitySafe Website

Michael Osborn

"Safety: the number one priority" is a phrase that resonates amongst
many organizations in the United States; specifically, institutions
such as law enforcement or emergency response fulfill a similar
credo on a daily basis. CitySafe is web-based application designed
to allow the everyman to civically contribute to the safety of his
community. The web application will host public safety concerns
submitted by the community; both registered users and no-login-required
guests will be permitted to post concerns. These posts will be
grouped by geographic location with the end goal of bringing public
awareness to an area of a city in need of safety improvements. One
feature of the application is its ability to extract EXIF data from
images taken with a GPS-enabled smartphone or other GPS-enabled
digital camera. These images will provide both a visual representation
of the safety concern as well as its GPS location via a third-party
map widget. The end goal is to provide an opportunity for the
public to make a positive impact on civic safety. Upon completion
of the high-resolution application for a standard desktop or laptop
screen, a mobile-scaled model will be developed with a new interface
to optimize accessibility regardless of available access hardware.