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Computer Science Department

A Web-Based Application for an Artist

Michael Verbeek

For my project I created a web site for my sister. The site will allow my sister to upload pictures of her art that she wants to sell. She will have the ability to enter in a title, price and description as well. As items get sold or she decides that she no longer wants to sell a piece of art she will also be able to delete items. Furthermore, if changes need to be made regarding a particular item she will be able to go in and edit a particular item. Users will be able to view pieces of art and add items that they like to their cart and check out an order. My sister will be able to see orders that have been made on site after she logs in. Security functions will limit access so that not everyone can go in and see the orders as well as edit and delete items. There will be two pages home and about that will have information regarding the site and bio of the artist.