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Computer Science Department

An Interactive Children’s Book for the iPad

Samuel Yeary

Super Jack and the Epic Explosion is a children’s book that I wrote, illustrated and implemented designed specifically to the iPad. It is a typical children’s book in regards to the story, however it is unique in the fact that over half of the pictures on each page are animations. Beginning with page one, the user is able to press the corners of the page or “turn the page” interactively with a drag of the finger as if they are actually reading a printed story page by page. To do these animations multiple images were drawn using Adobe Photoshop then condense into animations using the Xcode developer tools. Each animation is activated when the page is turned. Also, the user may scroll through to the desired page with a scroll function located at the top. The overall project consists of a full length children’s book, viewable on an iPad, with a page-turning effect completed with animations done through illustrations.