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Computer Science Department

Greencastle Specials

Todd Tompkins

I am designing a web-based application for use of DePauw students, faculty, and local community of Greencastle. It would be used by DePauw local businesses to advertise their specials in a clean and easy way. It would be used by the DePauw students and the people who lived in and near Greencastle to view the specials of the local businesses based on categories such as delivery, restaurant, bar, or fast food. Presently there is no easy way to find out the local specials around campus and people do not know the specials even when they are there. My main goal is to build a website so people will be able to go somewhere and know the specials before they get there or be able to look at the specials while on the way to the location and make a decision based on the specials. Another goal is that I want the local businesses find it to be easy to add items to the website and them to see it as an easy way to advertise their business. Businesses will be able to preview their business web site pages before it is published also so they will know how it will look.