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Computer Science Department


Aaron Dickey

This project will be for the development of a website called beerHarmony. The goal of this site is to match the user’s meal with an appropriate beer (or type of beer) that would complement it. For example, a pilsner goes well with lighter seafood or salmon, while a porter goes better with smoked foods. This site is for those who would like to enjoy their food and drink a little more by getting the most out of each through complimenting flavors and textures.

This project will entail constructing several web pages as well as a database of beers. There will also be a login function with two different user roles: user and administrator. The user will be able to create a list of their favorite beers, liking or disliking certain pairing that were generated for them, and adding a beer that is not currently in the database. The user will also be able to look at all the beers in the database and search for them. They also will have a profile page where they can see their favorites list as well as food+beer matchings that they liked and didn’t like. The administrator will be able to make personal recommendations for certain food matches and remove/edit/add beers from the database. There will also be a helpful guide section that informs the users how the site generates these recommendations.