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Computer Science Department

National Incidence Management System Cross-Department Coordinator (NIMS-CC)

Andrew Pace

This project was created and drafted after speaking with DePauw University Public Safety officers. The whole purpose of this project is to create a simple cross department communication system. Many times when departments, not just emergency service departments, work together, it is difficult to spread information effectively and efficiently. National Incident Management System Cross-Department Coordinator, abbreviated as NIMS-CC, is an Android application designed and implemented for quick easy access of information across departments. One example of an organization that might use this application is "NIMS". I chose to focus on the NIMS organization for a few reasons. The first of which, a software system needs to be able to scale efficiently in order to work effectively. This is one of the largest scales that this software will be used for, making it an ideal target. The second reason that this organization was chosen, was due to the necessity of continuing efficiently in emergency services. This application will hopefully lend to the flow of information between departments allowing for increased efficiency.