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Computer Science Department

Chemical Inventory Management Program

Ashley Conard

The purpose of this senior project is to provide an Internet browser chemical inventory management program for the DePauw University Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Biology departments. Dr. David Roberts manages the entire storage facilities for every chemical. His current system is antiquated, with the out of date software (Chemical Inventory Management- ChIM) and barcode data entry system.

This application will use Microsoft Infopath to create a user interface layout that can return information about a given chemical. This interface will then be connected to Microsoft Sharepoint to create a web accessible version for students, professors, and Dr. Roberts to search for necessary information. These two systems working together create an online program where all chemical information can be viewed, manipulated, edited, exported, imported, and queried. This application will use mySQL as a relational database to house the various large datasets from product vendors, as well as the chemical inventory from DePauw University. This application will use the SQL language to write scripts that query the database to extract any information that is requested by the user. Once this portion is complete and time permitting, the next step is to utilize the iPhone’s barcode scan abilities to scan new chemicals and directly add them to the mySQL database I create. I will demonstrate my knowledge of Objective C to create a connection to the relational database where all the chemical information is stored. As a result of my project, every student and professor will be able to access the web-based tool to find chemicals they need. Furthermore, if Dr. Roberts so desires, I could also make a form where professors can request orders for certain chemicals. In this way every order and request is organized in the inventory system. This Internet Browser Chemical Inventory Program will be modifiable, easy to operate, and available to all users for their chemical needs.