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Computer Science Department

Color Core: An Android Game about Color Domination

Bradley White

This project is an android game where the user battles for their favorite color. At the start of the game, the user chooses their favorite color, and this determines the order of "worlds". The complimentary color of the chosen color becomes the last world you have to beat. Each world in the game will contain 25 pre‐designed levels that the user must complete in order to move on to the next world. In these predesigned levels, a circle of your chosen color will enter from the bottom of the screen, and the finish will be a short distance away at the top of the screen. Similar to the Helicopter game where there are walls and random objects which can destroy the helicopter; in Color Core the user will need to draw walls to deflect the circle away from enemy walls and objects. The levels in a world will increase in difficulty by having more objects to avoid and skinnier passages to move through in higher levels. To draw walls, the user will swipe the screen in any direction, and when their pressure is released, the wall will be created. When the circle comes into contact with the drawn wall, it will be deflected in the new direction. If contact is made twice with the enemy color on a given level, the circle will be destroyed and the level failed. Each level will have ratings based on the user's performance which will range from "failed" to "three stars". The performance will be rated on the number of walls used and whether or not the circle ever made contact with the enemy color. The amount of stars earned per level will not have an effect on whether the user may move on to the next world, but it will be kept in a count of total stars collected out of total available stars.

Another aspect of Color Core will be its survival mode. The survival mode will randomly generate basic patterns that increase in difficulty the further the user makes it. In this mode, it will take three contacts with the enemy walls to destroy the circle. There will also be power‐ups in this mode which allow the user to be invincible for a short time, as well as a wall which stops time and allows the user to deflect the circle in precisely the desired direction. This mode will not have levels, but simply a high score number which the user can try to improve on. In this mode, the user will not begin with power‐ups available, but may unlock them. To unlock power‐ups that will be placed on the map during survival mode, the user must have obtained a certain amount of stars. 50 stars will give the user the ability to place time‐stopping power‐ups on the map, and 150 stars will give the user the ability to place invincibility power‐ups on the map.

The game will have a standard home screen where the user can choose which mode they would like to play, as well as a settings option. In settings the user will be able to turn the music on/off, as well as change their favorite color. The chosen color directly impacts the color scheme of the game, and the icon for the game is also changed based on the user's favorite color.