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Computer Science Department

McFly's Barbershop Website

Branki Bibic

McFly’s Barbershop is a business owned by a gentleman who has made a name for himself throughout the Midwest region. His unique style and service as a barber have made his popularity and customer base so strong that he is currently under consideration to be a judge on a national television show based around barbershops. As a result, there is a need to provide a platform where new and loyal customers can find out everything they need to know before they ever set foot inside of McFly’s Barbershop.

The basic purpose behind the website is to improve the efficiency of the owner’s business and the customer’s satisfaction. The website provides general information about the barbershop and its barbers that is expected of all websites. Along with this information is the ability to take their customer experiences a level further. All clients also have the ability to post reviews about their time at McFly’s Barbershop and make appointments based on their availability. Lastly, customers are able to look at pictures and posts about the shop found on other social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter.