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Computer Science Department

A Web‐Based Application for Tracking Calories

Casey Nesius

Tiger Tracker is a web application created specifically for DePauw students, to provide them with an efficient way to track their calorie intake via DePauw's dining services. The design and implementation of the website will allow students to create an account, set a calorie intake goal and add meals. Throughout each day, students will quickly search for the food item they consumed and add it to a daily log. Additionally, students will be able to conveniently add custom meals, as well as meals that were consumed outside of DePauw's menus. When a new day begins, the previous day's log will be added to a history log so their past logs will be readily accessible. The goal is to offer DePauw students the option of maintaining a healthy diet with less effort via a database readily stocked with the foods they consume on a daily basis.