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Computer Science Department

DisemVoweled: An Educational Word Game

Derrick Roach

Designing and implementing a word game for an android phone that allows players to guess the vowels missing from the displayed words. The idea of the game is to disembowel, to gut out, the vowels from words and ask the players to determine what the word is by selecting the vowels they think are missing (Ex. The word "Technology" would be displayed as "T_chn_l_gy" or "Tchnlgy"). The gameplay will be similar to the classic game "Hangman" but the overall structure of the game will be set up like a school system. For example, the 1st and 2nd grade levels will have shorter words and many allowed guesses, whereas the high school and collegiate levels will have longer words and fewer allowed guesses. In this way, the game becomes increasingly more challenging and will draw a larger target audience. Not only does varying word length and reducing allowed guesses make the game more difficult, the displayed syntax can make a significant difference as well. As shown in the first example above, removing the underscores causes further difficulty in determining where the vowels belong. Utilizing a pattern of these strategies the game will become progressively more challenging, and hopefully, by inciting additional gameplay, will improve the players' vocabulary.