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Computer Science Department

An Interactive Website for Female Users

Elita Liu

This project will create a web site aimed at female users. This website consists of a database and several server pages. It will have three types of user roles, including administrator, general users and registered users. As to administrators, they have server pages to change and update the information in different sub-sites, such as updating the training news in the Fitness sub-site. The server pages are active. Thus, administrators can update the information without editing the source code, which is more convenient for their maintenance. The general users could view web pages. Once they get registered, they can join in the forum to start or follow a post. The administrator can monitor a user's account and activities, and he has right to keep or delete an account or a post. I will host the web server and database server on my personal computer or on the computers of Lab 040 while developing. After this site has been completed, I will employ a remote service provider and publish this site.