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Computer Science Department

Text-based PC game

Hyunwoo Oh

The project is a text-based game on pc. The game will be written in C++ on pc through eclipse. When the game starts it will have character creation, where different types of characters with unique abilities can be made. The game will have a map, which is in grids; each grid will be different areas players can visit. One of the grids will be the player’s home base, where the player will be much safer. In the base, the player will be able to create defenses and produce units for the player’s army. Through venturing outside the main base and fighting enemies, player will be able to gain skill points by advancing to higher rank, and spend them on various skills to help the player. Production will require resource producing buildings that will produce resource over time. Other actions will be based on action points, which will also regenerate over time (faster in the player base), and some actions will take real time to be completed. Committing an action or staying in one area over extended periods of time, there will be chance of player character to be attacked by enemies. This will be the general concept of the game, and story and the major goal will be implemented as my project progresses.