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Computer Science Department

Faster Planning, Faster Swimming

Joseph Hessburg

Faster Planning, Faster Swimming is a web-based application that serves as an organizational tool for swim coaches at the collegiate level, with this version of the application focusing on the DePauw Men’s Swim Team. The purpose of this application is threefold, with an underlying goal of eliminating tasks commonly deemed as “busy-work” in order for the coach to focus energy on more highly- prioritized duties. First, it serves as a database that contains every individual athlete’s times from competition. This allows the program to sort through each individual’s times to determine his or her fastest times, as well as create an overall top-time list within the team. Second, it will allow the coach to enter the available practices for that day and the program will distribute the athletes evenly among open lane space according to what practice suits them best. This will be determined by how they are classified and labeled by their coach. Finally, the application will serve as an optimization tool, creating the team’s fastest potential meet line-up for a standard NCAA swim meet. 

While there are commonly used meet organizing applications on the market, there are no current solutions for both practices and meets. This program will benefit coaches by eliminating focus from somewhat menial tasks such as placing athletes in lanes and determining meet entries for the entire team. In addition to saving time, it helps remove the potential of error in a coach misplacing an athlete in an incorrect practice or meet event. By eliminating time spent on these duties, the application achieves the overall goal in allowing for time and energy to be more efficiently focused on other responsibilities.