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Computer Science Department

Scrabble Game

Kyle Coronel

The goal of this senior project is to create a Scrabble game as a desktop application. Scrabble is a board game in which players try to earn points by spelling words with their tiles on the game board. Each letter used has a predetermined point value, and there are special tiles spots on the game board where letter or word values may be doubled or tripled. Java and the Eclipse environment will be used to build this application. The game will work and be played the exact same way as the Scrabble board game. The game will be played on one machine with up to 4 players and have the same rules as the board game. The application will access the online English Scrabble dictionary on www.hasbro.com/scrabble/en_US/search.cfm to do word checking. There will be a main page when opening the application that will let a user decide how many players (2-4) there will be. The page after that will be the Scrabble game board, and it will be dynamically updated until the end of the game. The game will be played with the standard Scrabble board game rules, and a winner will be determined when one player cannot draw another letter because they are gone and has used all available letters in the tray.