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Computer Science Department

Course Wizard

Mary Bryan

This project entails a web‐based application that will help DePauw students make more informed course requests. Course selection has always been a hectic process at DePauw because resources are limited. This application will consist of everything a student needs to select a course that will be best suited for them. Students are each other's best resources at DePauw, and course requests are no exception. The application will allow students to rate each class along with its corresponding professor. For example, a student may rate the amount of work spent outside of class, the difficulty of the class, etc. In addition to ratings, students may comment on additional information such as how the teacher conducts his or her class (PowerPoint, lecture, etc.) and cost of materials. 

 Although student opinion is one important aspect, it is also equally as important for each student to be able to make his or her own opinion. In order to accomplish this goal, there are multiple additions. There is a place where students can upload their old syllabus, a section of the times the course is offered, other professors who teach the same course, and of course, the ratemyprofessors.com score. The goal of the application is to increase communication among students in order for students to have realistic expectations of a given course. This project is made specifically with DePauw students in mind. Only current DePauw students will be able to access the information on the site and add new information. Therefore, it is necessary to have the web-application require a DePauw e-mail to login.