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Computer Science Department


Ngoc Nguyen

“Housemate” is a web application to manage a cleaning schedule for people living in the same unit. People often say, “Living with your best friends will ruin your friendship”. That is, housemates argue about trivial matters such as the fairness of cleaning schedule and about whether someone actually finishes their assigned cleaning jobs. Sometimes, people get caught up in their work and forget about the assigned job. “Housemate” is the app to solve it all. Given the number of people and the job titles, an effective cleaning schedule will be automatically created. Among all housemates, a person is chosen to check if the jobs are completed before the due time. “Housemate” will keep track of who finishes a job and who does not so the house can decide on an appropriate punishment. Emails and text messages can be sent out before the jobs are due if users provide emails and phone numbers. “Housemate” is developed from Scala Play Framework and deployed on Google App Engine.