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Computer Science Department

A Web-Based Application for Learning How to Read Music

Paige Drake

This project is an application which acts as a learning tool for beginning music students who are learning to read note names as well as note durations in any clef. The application will be created in Unity 3D game engine. The application will be broken down into two segments of learning to read note names and learning to read note durations. Both sections will be broken down into two activities which include Practice and Quiz. The Practice activity will include various sets of flash cards of note names in separate sections divided by clef. The Practice activity will also include audio for each card that plays the note specified when a button is pressed. The Quiz activity will include multiple choice quizzes that increase in difficulty. The application's interface and scripts will be set up in Unity 3D using JavaScript as the main language. A database will be provided with XML files to be loaded in and stored for quizzes and flashcards for the Practice and Quiz activities. The application will consist of a main menu which allows the user to choose from the two sections of learning note names and learning note durations. From there, submenus will exist with the two activities within each section. For this project, all images for the interface will be made through Adobe Illustrator. A large feature of this application will be the tracking of progress made while the user goes through flashcards and quizzes. The user will be able to view progress made after quizzes are taken. For now, the application will be run as a Unity 3D Web Player.