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Computer Science Department

A Web‐Based Application for Guest Management at Events

Rob Weidner

This is a web-based application for the use of organizations on DePauw's campus. Currently, there is no effective solution for fraternities, sororities, or other organizations to track guest data during their events. The main focus of the application is to target the fraternities on DePauw's campus because there is a growing need for such a tool. With new school rules in place, regulating the amount of guests allowed at events poses an issue of having to keep track of how many people are in attendance. This is difficult for the fraternities to do, as there is no sufficient solution provided to them to keep track of guests by the school.

Working in conjunction with the school, this application will check‐in a student who attends a fraternity function and provide key details about that person such as their name, age, year in school, and Greek affiliation. All of this information will come from the DePauw's secured database. Using URL GET requests, the application will pass the student ID that is embedded in the iClass student ID card, to DePauw's server, and then the server will respond with only the information pertaining to the application and nothing more. This will all be done using a high amount of HTTPS and SSL security to ensure that personal information will be safe.

There will be a heavy focus on the user experience to effectively layout and design dynamic pages that are suitable for different desktop and mobile browsers. Twitter's Bootstrap library and new flat design style standards will be used for a majority of the layout and interface design.