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Computer Science Department

Cure Procrastination: An Android Application

Sammi Yin

"Cure Procrastination" is an android application that aims to help college students manage their time efficiently and ultimately beat procrastination. Cure Procrastination will generate a project work schedule for the user after gathering all the necessary information (Project Difficulty, Due Date, Preferred Working Time Period and Checkpoints Goals). It will remind the user to work each day and inform the user how much progress he/she has made as well as how many hours he/she still needs to work on it (Progress bar). Cure Procrastination will record user's working time and reward the user for working (e.g., daily inspiring fortune cookie quotes). When user completes checkpoint goal or go ahead of the schedule, he/she can choose to share it with his/her Facebook friends. However, if the user forgets to work, Cure Procrastination will constantly remind him/her via Notifications, increasing alert volume as well as short encouraging animations. 

 Cure Procrastination aims to provide an efficient and enjoyable UI by using gradient colors to indicate the level of projects/tasks urgency.