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Computer Science Department

Bramble: Real-time Anonymous Feedback

Tarun Verghis

Bramble is a web application that allows businesses, restaurants, events and other organizations to get real-time anonymous feedback from their customers. It is widely accepted that customer feedback is a key ingredient in improving one's business. Customers often have a lot to say about a product, event or restaurant, but sometimes hold back their thoughts due to fear of some sort of repercussion. Bramble solves this problem.

The basic principle behind Bramble is simple: customers can text their feedback to a unique phone number that is distributed by the organization via Facebook pages, Tweets, flyers, menu cards, or other media. The organization receives this feedback in real time without ever knowing who sent the message. At the same time, the customer can rest assured that neither the organization nor other customers can see any feedback that they send in.

Businesses and organizations sign up at Bramble and are given a unique phone number that they can distribute to get feedback. Each entity has their own private profile where they see a live feed of things that customers say to them – anything that is texted to their number is immediately added to the feed. Each unit of feedback can be responded to in a variety of ways, including being tagged as "positive" or "negative".

One very neat feature about Bramble is that since feedback is received in real time, some tasks can be responded to immediately. For example, suppose that a customer at Paul's Diner visits the restroom and finds that there is a puddle of water on the ground, they can text their feedback to the number for Paul's Diner. An employee monitoring the feedback stream at the diner sees the message, and can go ahead and clean up the mess right away!