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Computer Science Department

Exploring Robots

Yandan Ni

This project will consist of a network of three autonomous miniature robots that can explore their surroundings on their own and allow tele-operation through the network. The network can expand to n+ robots.  Individually, the robots will be able to 0) move freely, accelerate, detect holes, obstacles and gaps on the surface, and calculate inclines etc. 1) localize, i.e. each robot will be able to calculate their distance from each other and from a meeting point set by the coordinator 2) explore their surroundings according to either a predetermined algorithm or as commanded by the programmer through the ZigBee network 3) rendezvous in a single meeting point 4) capture interesting photographs of their surroundings and send them back to the programmer, where “interesting” is customizable by the programmer. E.g. specially shaped rocks may be interesting in a Martian desert-like environment and warm bodies may be of interest to search and rescue missions. The system will be built with pre-made robots where the focus is algorithm implementation and optimization. And if time allows, a customized robot may be built to reduce overall cost.