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Computer Science Department

Variable Difficulty Multi-Board Game Artificial Intelligence

Brandon Wright

I am designing an artificial intelligence to play multiple board games, at varying difficulties. The program will consist of a simple menu system of colorful boxes, and simplistic renditions of board games. The games supported will be mancala and checkers, with potential for others to be added.  The changing difficulty of the AI will be achieved through varying heuristic use at different difficulties, and through heuristic parameter manipulation, such as search depth limit increases and decreases.
The interfaces will be created with OpenGL, and a stretch goal for the interfaces will be to include different “theme packs” that will change the colors and symbols used during gameplay. Input will be accepted through mouse clicks,and keyboard controls.  In checkers the player will be able to select a piece and then choose where to move from legal positions. In Mancala, the player will select a “bin” to empty and the game will show the move playing out from there.
To begin on the program, I will create the artificial intelligence to play mancala at varying difficulties in a text environment.  After that, I will add support for checkers, later adding the graphical interface with mouse and keyboard inputs.