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Computer Science Department

Arduino Controlled Robotic Hand

Chaz Evans

For my senior project, I and designing, programming, and creating a functional animatronic hand that could have uses in applications such as prosthetics or dangerous police and military situations. This robotic hand will be arduino based and programmed in the C++ programming language. The hand will be operated by mirroring the user's hand movements. A wired glove, worn by the user will be used as the controller for this robotic hand.
The main focus of this robotic will be to accurately mimic the finger motions of a human hand. Each of the fingers will move in the same way as ours do. Similar to the flexor tendons in our hands, this hand will work by pulling strings attached to the joints of the robotic fingers. By using a series of small electronic motors, I will be able to accurately control the bend of the fingers by having them pull the attached strings according the the readings I receive from the glove worn by the user. The glove will have an array of flex sensors on the fingers. These sensors act as variable resistors whose resistance will change according to the bend of the sensor. By measuring their resistance for each sensor, I will be able to use that reading to control the corresponding motor through the arduino. This method of control will be as intuitive and fluid as using your own hands.