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Computer Science Department

“KuraQuote: A Web-Based Application for Comparing Auto Insurance Rates”

Cheyne Funakoshi

I will be designing a web-based application constructed for the use of independent insurance agents as well as for customers looking to conveniently compare rates/quotes for car insurance between several insurance companies. This application will utilize a database containing the necessary information from each company (rate formula’s, applied discounts, etc.), as well as a collection of tables consisting of customer information (client’s car/home information). The front-end of this application will persist of a user-interface for two types users: a customer user that will be able to compare quotes between affiliated companies according to each state, and an agent user who will be able to adjust their rate formula in correspondence of the company policy. Every quote that a user creates will be saved for their convenience and will be printable in the format of a PDF file. The overall objective of this web-based application is to create an intuitive and efficient program that will ease the process of comparing quotes for any car insurance inquirer.