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Computer Science Department

“An Android Phone Application for DePauw Dining”

Haowei Zhang

For my senior project, I will create a DePauw dining cellphone application for Android phone. The application DePauw dining including HUB, Den, Two West and Duck. The application aimed at all DePauw student who used Android cellphone. The application can provide users the everyday or every week's menu of every restaurant in DePauw. It can make users know if there are some foods they like or some foods they do not like, then they can make a decision to choose go to which restaurant in DePauw. The application also can let users rating every day’s meal of the restaurant. For example, if users like today's lunch, users can rating 5 start to today's meal. Other users can know how well today’s meal is from other users’ rating. And the application also can let student to choose which part of restaurant is their favorite and which part of restaurant is user’s least favorite. The function of rating is not only let other users make a better decision, but it also can make the manager of the restaurant knows which part they need to improve and make them become better. The application will also provide the function that users can directly send their advice to the manager of restaurant, make them do the better communication and can provide the newest notation of restaurant to the users, let users to know at the first time if there are some changes or have some events of DePauw dining.