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Computer Science Department

“Automated Scheduling of Text Messages as an Android Application”

Josh Levine

The finished version of this project will be an android application that allows for the scheduling of text messages to be sent with no user input at the time of sending. The goal is to put as much customization at the hands of the user as possible. This application will have no requirements (such as servers) once the app is downloaded to an Android device.
Features will include the ability to apply a percent chance of firing on any given day on a per scheduled message basis i.e. having a message have a .66 or .25 chance of sending each calendar day where that chance is discrete for each scheduled message. The user will also get to determine when the message sends, including the option to set a range of times that the app will then randomly select a time within that range to send a message. The text in the message itself will also be customizable; although, a character limit will be enforced. Further, the user will be able to provide multiple messages “in one message” that the app will randomly select from to send on a given day. If this feature is utilized the app will not repeat any one message from the selection two sendings in a row.